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David Tomasetti

David Tomasetti



David F. Tomasetti, CFP®, spent 16 years managing the Tomasetti Investment Limited Partnership, a hedge fund that he founded in 1993. The fund’s investors included high net worth individuals, partnerships and corporations.

Mr. Tomasetti’s primary duties have included all aspects of fund management including research, investment strategy, trade execution, reporting, and risk management.

Mr. Tomasetti has been featured in several financial periodicals, such as Investor’s Business Daily, Bloomberg Financial News, and Pensions and Investments Magazine. His greatest areas of expertise and interest include: intrinsic valuation methods, assets-based valuation approaches, market sentiment, and other trading methodologies.

Currently, Mr. Tomasetti is a Wealth Manager for Tomasetti Investment Group, LLC, which was founded in 2005. Mr. Tomasetti's mission is to provide personal financial and retirement planning services to his clients, by managing their retirement assets and providing cash flow analysis, asset allocation, tax review and estate planning services.

Mr. Tomasetti is a graduate of Babson College.

Mr. Tomasetti is a Certified Financial Planner, Professional.