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Investment Management and Advisory Services

Tomasetti Investment Group, LLC (TIG), is focused on investment management. What sets the firm apart from other financial planning firms is its partner's investment management expertise. Unlike most financial planning firms, TIG does not outsource its work to a "team" or "third party". Dave is responsible for the work he does, because he does it. He is capable and he generates his own research. This research is underpinned by more than two decades of portfolio and investment management experience. Dave believes that this is one of his competitive advantages over other advisers. Advisers at other firms usually don't manage money; rather, they follow the advice of the firm's "experts". At TIG, your adviser is the one managing your money.

The investing process can be complex, but it doesn't need to be presented that way. Dave will break things down in a palatable format that you can easily comprehend. He won't have you invest in anything he can't easily explain to you. 

Most of our clients are risk-conscious, and want unbiased and tailored investment management to meet their long-term goals. That's what TIG does.  

What TIG can do for you:

  • Personalized Investment Strategies 
  • Proprietary Investment Portfolios
  • ETFs, Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds
  • Tax-Efficient Solutions
  • Diversifying/Protecting Concentrated Positions
  • Reporting and Updates
  • Executive Wealth Management (Stock and Option Compensation)