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Insurance (or risk management, as the industry terms it) is a product that serves to minimize financial losses, among others, potentially associated with risks to your personal income, accumulated assets, business, or a change in health. Some examples of risk you may want to insure for include, loss of income due to a premature death, personal and professional liability, change in business ownership, and catastrophic long-term illness or disability.

During a typical risk management engagement, our adviser will review and discuss the client’s sources of risk. Next, he'll review ways to either avoid or minimize those risks. Then, he'll help you implement strategies that will provide protection for those risks.

Determining one's risk management need isn't a complicated process, but it does require some planning, detailed thinking, and an adviser that is experienced in helping clients wade through that process. That's what he does.

What Dave can do for you:

  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Income Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Insurance 
  • Individual Health Insurance
  • Group Health Insurance