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You've Worked Hard For Your Money

Why not hire someone that will work hard for you?

Tomasetti Investment Group, LLC, is a Registered Investment Adviser and Financial Planning Firm that is boutique and concierge by design. Tomasetti Investment Group, LLC, is my firm.  My name is David Tomasetti and I run a boutique practice because I have a select group of clients. It's concierge because, as it's founder, I want to simplify your financial life. I want my clients to know who is responsible for helping them; that is why my name is on the firm.

I'll guide you through a customized wealth management solution and focus your financial planning and investment goals into an all-inclusive and continuous program – a process that, I think, cannot be found anywhere else. 

In short, I'll walk you to and through retirement, so that you don't fear running out of money (and you'll sleep well at night).

How I do it:

  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Insurance



Meet Tomasetti Investment Group

Tomasetti Investment Group, LLC, was founded with the goal of assisting its clients in every aspect of their financial lives. The firm strives to provide a higher level of investment expertise and personal service relative to other financial planning firms.

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Meet David Tomasetti

David F. Tomasetti, CFP®, spent 16 years managing the Tomasetti Investment Limited Partnership, a hedge fund that he founded in 1993. The fund’s investors included high net worth individuals, partnerships and corporations.

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